Islamic Educational Podcasts 

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This page is dedicated to a collection of audio recordings that are intended to help anyone learn a select list of Arabic phrases and terms  along with their meanings, pronunciation, and cultural as well as religious connections to a Muslim individual's daily life. 

(COMING SOON) sample topics below

The Muslim's "declaration of faith" witness statement:

I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

A Muslim Covenant Statement:

I accept Allah as my Lord, Islam as my religion and lifestyle, Muhammad as the last prophet and a messenger sent to all humanity (peace and Allah's blessings be onto him). 

Practical Arabic phrases used in a Muslim's daily life:

   Traditional Greetings and replies:          "Asalamu Alaikom Warahmatu-llah"  (Peace Be With You)            "Ahlan Wasahlan" (Welcome) "Good bye"

Names of the five required daily prayers

Names of additional voluntary daily prayers

Phrases used during performance of the daily prayers:

Before starting the formal prayer:           

Starting the formal prayer:

Reading of the "Al-Fatiha"/"the opening" 

Reading of a short Surah/"Quran chapter"

Reading another short Surah.

The term "Wudu" (traditional washing prior to prayers)

Declaring Intention to do the traditional washing prior to prayers /"Wudu"

Phrases used during the traditional washing "Wudu" prior to prayers 

What to say after completing the traditional washing /"Wudu"

Declaring Intention to Pray

Phrases used to praise the Lord (Allah): 

Short Hadith/Quotes of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and Allah's blessing be onto him:

Saying the word "Quran"     Saying the word "Hadith"      Saying "Islam," "Muslim," and "Muslimah."     "Allah"     "Muhammad"

The five pillars of Islam

The six pillars of faith

The 99 names/adjectives of "Allah"

Short supplication 1: 

Short supplication 2

Short supplication 3

Short supplication 4