Al-Aqsa Mosque / Masjid Compound and the Palestine Matter

Islam's Third Holiest Site in "Al-Quds" (the Arabic name used, meaning the "Sacred Place") / Jerusalem ... 

... where the Prophet Muhammad, peace and Allah's blessings be onto him, was ascended to the heavens with Angel Gabriel to conference 1-on-1 with God/Allah on Islam's most important issues.

After several questions about the topic, here is a brief history of the root cause of the middle-east, Arab Israeli conflict:

Historical documents and reports show that around 1898AD, a Jewish journalist named Theodor Herzl who was a leader of and a founder of a Zionism and a Zionist group, lobbied the British parliament and conservative Christian denominations to help him create a homeland for the lost Jewish tribes of Israel.  In 1917, the Balfour declaration was put together as a promise to act upon what Herzl lobbied for.  In the early 1900's, and around World War I and World War II, the British persuaded the Arab-Muslim family of Saud to enter into an alliance to collaborate in order to push the Muslim Ottomans back to today's Turkiah/Turkey.  The British fulfilled their promise to install select kings from the Saudi family in each of today's countries of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt. The British set the borders for each of these new countries.  Simultaneously, the British also fulfilled their Balfour declaration and promise to the Jews and helped them establish Israel as a homeland in Palestine. The British helped bring in huge whole ship loads of European Jewish people and helped resettle them within the Palestine region. Establishing new Jewish communities on farms, lands, and areas confiscated from the native population.  The Jewish groups declared "Israel" as an independent state in 1948.  American and American right-wing Christian denominations approved and supported and continue to support the state of Israel, in the hope to accelerate the return or coming of Jesus back to Earth and set the stage for Armageddon. The British government and army supplied the new Jewish congress members and groups with advanced weapons so they could fight and squash down any resistance from the local as well as regional Arab and Muslim land owners and other entities form around the region. Once the British withdrew back to their own homeland (Britain), the very well armed Jewish groups continued to expand their land grab and proceeded to destroy more Palestinian villages and replace them with new Israeli settlement, with many rebuilt on same location as the destroyed mostly Arab/Muslim or Christian villages. The native residents of the land were either cleansed ethnically/executed and buried in mass graves on location, evicted and/or displaced towards the northers or eastern parts of the region. Many of the displaced groups of refugees were resettled in refugee camps within today's Palestinian "West Bank" of the river Jordan, the Gaza strip, or Jordan, or Lebanon.  Over several generations, and between the 1950's early1990's, the Palestinians resisted the presence of the Israeli unjust and what might some now might consider as an apartheid state and government, mostly using violent means. During the mid-1990's, a peace agreement took place between one popular Palestinian group called the "P.L.O." /(Palestine Liberation Organization) in Oslo, Norway. The other, a bit less popular group called Hamas, did not take part in the peace agreement with Israel; and continued to insist that: "the only option there is to use to liberate Palestine is by force; and that what was taken by force could only be returned by force."  The group and its supporters basically are now confined to what's known today as the Gaza Strip part of Palestine.  Today's Palestine is confined to what's know as the Palestinian Territories in "West Bank;" a few cities that are managed socially by the Palestinian Authority (a rebranded name for the old "P.L.O."). Most other Arab countries who previously fought with Israel have recently and openly normalized relations with the Jewish state.

The current remaining general broad issues around the conflict are understood to be as follows: